Saturday: 14:55 Airport INN

Nice flight on time.

We arrived Canterbury at about 7. Nice host families and good food for dinner.

Sunday will be a long day. Good night and looking forward to Brighton.


At 8 a.m we meet us at the couch park for the trip to Brigthon, but the bus didn’t come so we went on a trip to Margate. There we visited a art gallery, later we had a little bit time to have lunch and to shop, after we wanted to went to a theme park but it was closed. So we went down to the beach to have fun. The teachers sitting on the beach and drink something. After a long, beautyful time we have to get back home to Canterbury by train. It was a great first day in England



We had school at 09:00 a.m. After school it was 12:30. Then a guide showed us Canterbury. She told us something abput the hirstory of the town. We also visited the Cathedral. It should be in London but the people there werent nice so the bishop built it in Canterbury. Later we went for shopping and then we went home to the host families. It was a cool day.



We met our group at half past eight at school. We all were very excited because it’s our first time in London.We walked from school to the trainstation. After that we  walked straightaway to the London Bridge Experience. It was very spooky. The next sight was the London Eye. From the gondola we had a great view because it was such a good weather. Then we went by boat and saw lots of sights. Afterwards we went by an orginal doubledecker bus. That was our last attraction for that day. We went to the trainstation and went back home. That was a perfect third day.

demanding of the week: (Spruch der Woche)

London Bridge Experience:

Actress: Where are you from?

Ronald: Vent

Actress: Wend?

Ronald: No, Vvent!!

Actress: Where is that?

Ronald: next to Sölden


The school started at 9 o’clock to 12 o‘ clock. After the school we went to the east railwaystation. We went by train from Canterbury to Dover. We visited Dover Castle first. There we went into a 15 meter underground tunnel. It was in the 2. worldwar as protection against the bombadization of the Germans. After this guided tour we went to the city of Dover. After an hour we went by train again to Canterbury.



Maxi and I stood up and ate eggs and toast with “ Nutella “ for breakfast. Then we went to school where we spoke about extrem sports. In the breaks we played tablekicker. After the school we went by train to London. We saw a really great musical “ Stomp “ and went in a giant shoppingcenter called“ Harrods „. We went by subway to a railwaystation where Marie, Josef and I bought some drinks in the “ Starbucks “ Now we drive back to Canterbury.
Tomorrow London again 😄

Luca P.


At First we were in school. Then we went to London by train. In London we went to the Houses of Parliament. Then we looked after the Queens house, the Buckingham Palace. Later we went into a shopping street. Mr. Kammerlander showed us the biggest toystore in the world, the Hamleys. At 18:30 we went to the railwaystation. At 19:20 we went back home by train. Tomorrow we will go home to Austria after a week. We had a nice last day in London and England. Good bye England.